Customizing the Dashboard for Leader

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible for the owner of our Asana account to set up the Dashboard so that they can have progress bars on the projects so at a glance our CEO can see how we are progressing with tasks. There used to be a great tool for this for Joomla sites I think it was called pitchfork or something like that. But the manager could at a glance see how everything was progressing. Does Asana do this and I’m just not there yet?

Hi @Frank5,

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There is a feature in our business segment that allows you to create portfolios as a bundle of projects and it will give you high level information about the status of each project in a portfolio. You can get an idea of what it looks like here.

I’m not sure what kind of subscription you’re using, but if you’re on premium you could also create a report about your team’s tasks. There is a guide article that walks you through the steps to get this set up and that gives you some ideas for other reports you can create.

Hope this was helpful and please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions :slight_smile: