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Long time user of Asana here but recently went with an upgraded version with paid seats for a team of roughly 25 people. Loving it so far outside of a few real problems.

Is there any way at all to customize a form? This blank white template is killing me and looks so basic compared to how our site designs look. I would love to be able to embed the form in an iframe and use CSS to customize it, but of course this is blocked by the developers.

One of our sites uses fluent forms and I created one to send to the project email address. Works on one site, never shows up copying the exact same process on another site. It’s not Fluent forms because the test emails arrive and if I change the email address it arrives as well.

Very frustrating. Close to giving our money to MONDAY and canceling this plan. Any guidance or am I just SOL?

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Hey @Wes_Walz, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:

Currently embedding is not possible yet, have a look here to upvote this feature request: Embedding Asana forms

Asana forms was recently updates and more features, such as form branching is available now also.

Alternatively if you want to customize the design more you might want to use Google forms and connect it with Asana: Google Forms & Asana • Asana

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Hey, I totally get how you feel. I have looked at other options for forms and connecting that with Asana, but outside of 3rd party software, there isn’t many options. I wish Asana had better integration with Google Workspace, especially considering they will probably be releasing a competitor to Asana, just based on recent acquisitions and recently ended beta programs (Look at Appsheet, and Tables).

The workaround suggested by @Andrea_Mayer works, but is not ideal as it doesn’t allow data entry into custom fields, at least as far as I am aware. Hopefully the Asana team makes some changes soon.

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