customized labels not carrying over with the task when moving the task to another project.

I created multiple custom categories for a project. I then created a template of that project since it is recurring. When I try to move a task from one project to the other, it moves the information in the categories to the details and I have to resented it in the columns that it suppose to belong to. Any ideas why?

Hi @Shane_Carter, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

When you say you have created custom categories for a project, do you mean Sections or fields? PLease also confirm if you are adding the task to another project or moving the task to another project entirely :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. When I create a task in a project, then assign it to more than one project, it only carries over the task section (for example: To Do) but not the other information (SCRUM stage, Story # etc.). When I open the task it looks like its duplicating all the info, but the only info copied by the autofill is the section as I mentioned above.

I’ve re homed or multi-homed tasks in multiple projects successfully, with all field info carrying over, WHEN and ONLY WHEN…

…each Project partakes of the same Global Field. E.g. I have created my own Priority field which I call PriorityDD (for drop down), which I have added to the Asana Field Library. Projects A, B and C all use this field, which I select from the library. Therefore, Asana “knows” that the data in the PriorityDD field in Project A can also safely be reflected in that same-named field in Project B.

Hi Stephanie, thanks for responding!
I can confirm they all have the same fields as both projects are using the same template.

I see. Well in that case, I may not fully understand the issue. Would it be possible for you to provide screenshots?

Sure thing. I’ll give a bit more context here too.

I created a template that contains the following sections.
Backlog, Story, To Do, In Progress, Needs Review, Blocked, Complete
Within tasks I have created fields for the for the following: Due Date, Epic, Projects, Sprint, Priority, SCRUM stage, Story Number and Team.

This template was made into a project called Sprint 1
Using the same template, I created a project called Backlog

I fill in all the fields on a single task in the backlog project, then assign the task to the sprint using the project field when it’s time to work on it.

However, when I do this, the only information to carry over to the sprint project when I assign it from the Backlog is the Scrum stage info and the Team info. It looks like it’s duplicating the fields but not showing the information in the Board view or applying the information from the Backlog to the Sprint Project. This I can share screenshots of. See below.

Here is how it looks in the Backlog

Here is how it looks on the Sprint Project Board

Here is how it looks when I open the task in the Sprint Project

I’ve done a bit of testing in an attempt to recreate what you describe (although I must admit I was not fully clear on your exact actions). What I found in my test is that:
…a field, which is part of the Field Library…
… allowed a Task using that Field to show data in the Field correctly…
…in any Project the Task had been Multi-homed to.
So I believe the real question is not whether 2 Projects are the same in structure, due to having been created from the same template.

The question is whether the field of interest is in the Field Library or not.

Like this:

You can probably fix this on both projects without having to completely regenerate. I hope that’s clear and fixes your issue.

Thank you for your response! I have added all the fields to my library but it is still not carrying over information in tasks assigned to multiple projects with those fields (other than SCRUM Status and Team, which were custom). I’m struggling to understand why only those two custom fields are carrying over, but none of the others are. Is it perhaps a bug?

It is starting to feel a bit buggy…


While it may be a bug, I’m not aware of any other such reports and it would affect many, so that’s not the most likely cause.

Simply adding all the fields to the library will not fully solve the problem; you need to be sure you are using the same fields across projects. Consider this example:

  • A task is multi-homed to Project 1 and Project 2.
  • Define local custom field CF1 in Project 1.
  • Define local custom field CF1 in Project 2.
  • Make both fields org-wide custom fields; you’ll now have two org-wide custom fields by the same name and they won’t share values

You could start with the template. Make sure all the fields are org-wide. Create two new projects from that template and see how that goes.

Hope that helps,



Hello! These were from a template, the tasks are multi-homed, and I can confirm I am using the same fields across projects. Is there perhaps someone I can set up a call with to take them through how I have it set up? There must be something I am missing.

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Following up to say I found a fix. It was not updating all the existing fields even though I had saved them to the library because they were already created in this project prior to them having been saved. So there were duplicate fields. Once I deleted them and readded them, things linked as they should. Thank you for your help!


Glad it’s all working now, @Cate_Olsen.

This is what I was trying to suggest in my post was at the root of the problem but it might not have been so clear. Glad you figured it out!


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