Customize the new List View for all projects at once

One of the customizations I’m most excited about the new List View is the ability to display tags (which then display in a better format than the old list view). However, we have a ton of projects, and we create and archive projects pretty freely. It would be nice if I could permanently set it so that all new projects had the tags field enabled by default.

(this would be especially helpful right now as a result of the glitch that is not allowing List View fields to be customized, reported in the Bugs forum. But presumably that will get fixed soon.)

I agree, and voted, and actually was going to add the same feedback so thanks for beating me to it.

This is a lot of individual clicking, repeatedly for every project–on individual columns to set widths, on Fields to toggle hide/show, etc.

I’d like to see a default across all, not just new, projects, to save time.

In addition, it would be appropriate to specify these settings in each template individually that one creates for projects instantiated from that template; the view is related to the nature of the template.

This is an example where, unfortunately, Asana creates some of its own “work about work” so it’s important to avoid.

I feel this request is a single example of my more general earlier request:

If you agree, please upvote that request too.