Customize Stages & Fields in Account Tracking Template

I am using the Account Tracking template. Anyone know of a way to customize the “Stages” and create your own “Fields”? I click on the the “Add Field” button and it does nothing. I am working under my company’s Business Plan. Thanks.

If that button does nothing you are probably logged in as a guest and not a member of the company. Can you create custom fields in other projects?

No I cannot. However, it shows me as logged in under the company name. Can we not create custom fields because we need to upgrade our account to the top tier? Thanks.

That seems so weird. @Rebecca_McGrath @Emily_Roman can you take over and help please? thanks!

HI @Lindsey_Staples, thanks for helping out here @Bastien_Siebman.

Lindsey, it does seem as if you are a Guest in this Organization as Guests cannot create custom fields. Is the email address on your account using the same domain as the Organisation?