Customize "My Task" Default Headers


For the My Task view, I would like to be able to customize the headers “New Task”, Today, Upcoming, Later. Unfortunately these defaults don’t work for me nor do just adding sections within these. I work as a BA/ Product Owner on a project and the work doesn’t align in this way. I’d rather move the activities into different buckets based on stages. i.e. To Do, Task Meetings (Scheduled/In- Progress), Analysis (In-Progress), Definition (IN-Progress), Blocked/Waiting, Done. Or Whatever suits the way I work. I don’t like the timeline structure that exist by naming them the default.


@Ginger_Sundberg one option as a workaround that some people use is to create a private project with the section structure as you need and then when Items come into your New Task or Today section you multi home them in this project and assign to the relevant section as needed.


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Yes that is what I have done, but would be cleaner and simpler to simple have the ability to personalize these heading at least for my dashboard and for my manager’s view into my task.

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