Customizable Tasks at Outset of Project


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been tasked with implementing a new project management software for my team and have some questions regarding the Premium plan:

  1. Is it possible to customize the tasks or to have pre-set tasks at the outset of a project?
    Meaning: Can I set it up so that when a team member starts a project, there’s already a list of tasks that need to be completed for that project? For example:
  • TASK 1: Submit specs to China (3 days max delay)
  • TASK 2: Open quotation (2 days max delay)
  • TASK 3: Send quotation to client (2 days max delay)
  1. What kind of reports can be generated?
  • Open projects by sales rep?
  • Closed project by sales rep?
  • By project manager?
  1. How long do open / inactive projects remain accessible?

  2. Can each new project be assigned a specific project number based on the user / project manager?

I’m sure I’ll have more as I play around with Asana but I’d like an idea of the capabilities of the application before we commit to purchasing the Premium plan. I’m sure you understand.

Thanks in advance.


In the Premium Plan you can use Project Templates that fulfill everything you’ve asked about in #1. Reports are created through Advance Search and are basically limitless. There are some great videos on the Asana site for both #1 and #2 on your list. If you have any other questions, please ask us here. We are happy to help.


Yep, this is definitely possible using Asana’s Project Template feature. More info HERE

You can use Asana’s Advanced Search to pull reports using all of criteria you laid out (assuming everything was set up and tagged properly), as well as countless more. More info HERE

Unless you delete them, projects are pretty much accessible indefinitely.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re wanting to name (or tag) each project with a unique Project Code, depending on who the Project Manager is, correct? If so, then I’m pretty you could use a combination of Tags, the Auto-Generated Project URL, and Project Name & Description to accomplish what you’re looking for.