Customising the Project Report Template

I am looking for a way to customise the Project Update template with some very client specific requirements.

Hi @Stephen_Green1, happy to help :slight_smile:

Could you please provide some more details on what you’re hoping to achieve here?

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca,

I am looking for my PMs to report on the following headings each week to produce a portfolio report that’s consistent across all projects.#


Progress in Last 7 Days

Deliverables in Next 7 Days

4 Week Look Ahead

What’s Blocked

Short Term Risks (Within 4 weeks)

Medium Term Risks (Over 4 Weeks )

If you edit the first status by creating custom headings, then the next status will start off the same base with those headings. Would that do the trick?

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Hi Bastien,

Thanks for that, I have tried it and that is working

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