Customer and Billing support Saga continues. Asana Mgmt please read



This is to Asana management, especially customer support and billing. Anyone else willing to read this, be my guest and read on. The reason why I am using this forum to escalate this issue is Asana has some deep underlining support issues and will not resolve this through normal channels. I am also doing this to have a full string of the interactions. Hence….

We have been Premium members with a subscription of 15 for two years. Very happy until Feb 1st, when we received this email (I have xxx’d out our info for privacy sake):

Subscription Ended


Shana xxxxxx

Your subscription has now ended—we’re sorry to see you go. Easily renew your subscription to restore these great features and more for your team:

  • Control how you share sensitive info with private projects
  • Keep track of what’s most important with custom fields
  • Report on your work with Advanced Search
  • Designate organization admins to control your company’s data

Please take a moment to [tell us how we can improve in this brief survey]

The Asana Team

OK, what? Did we forget to pay, no, we paid in full for another year in November, 2018.

And then this came in a few hours later:

Welcome to your Asana Premium trial

First things first, let’s create a new project.

Set up your project quickly with one of our **[pre-made Premium templates]

I logged into our account and yes, we are now in a Premium trial and a Camilla Sxxxx is now our billing account holder. No clue who this Camilla is.

So I got on with a support chat that day:

Chat transcript

Name Erik Graham

Company Email

What version of Asana are you using? Premium

Agent Fri, 02/01/19 12:22:09 pm America/Vancouver

Hi! Do you have any questions about upgrading Asana?

Erik Graham 12:23:03 pm

I have a question about us being told to upgrade be already have for 2 years. Large mixup with billing. Who do I talk to?

Agent 12:24:55 pm

Hi Eric, thanks for chatting in! We don’t offer over the phone service, do you mind providing me with more context? Did you possibly reach your seat limit?

Erik Graham 12:27:32 pm

No this morning I received an email that stated our Premium trail was ending. We have been full paid members for 2 years. Also, it states this: Contact your billing owner at Camilla Sxxxxxx. Who is that? I don’t know. We are a separate division in Pxxxx and have paid to be separate. Somehow, we are now included in all of Pxxxxx. Again, how do we clear this up. Look up my account.

Agent 12:28:59 pm

Thank you for the context, do you mind giving providing your email address to that I can look up your account

Erik Graham 12:29:13 pm

Email given

Agent 12:31:28 pm

Thank you, give me just a minute.

Erik Graham 12:31:32 pm

look up your asana invoice: Asana
Invoice 8xxxxx1

Agent 12:37:36 pm

Thanks for your patience, I can see the you are currently paying for 15 seats, is that correct?
I am not able to see your invoice, I do not have access to that

Erik Graham 12:37:55 pm

sure, I guess
I can forward it to you if you want

Agent 12:38:59 pm

Are you currently a Premium user?
Thank you but I can’t do much in regard to the billing. That’s actually an issue best dealt with by our support team – they have access to data and information that I don’t. You can reach them at

Erik Graham 12:39:45 pm

No way to tell as it says my trial is coming due…lol. My invoice says : Your plan:
Team Annual 15 ($1,125.00)

Agent 12:41:27 pm

Trial as in 30 free days is about to be over? Sorry Im a little confused in regard to what the actual problem is

Erik Graham 12:42:37 pm

Here is thing, I NEVER asked for a trial. I do not who Camillie Sxxxx is who you have as my billing contact.
We are paid members.

Agent 12:45:45 pm

Okay thank you for the clarification. I do not know who this person is either and I cannot see anything on my end. Please reach out to our support team. They will be able to better assist you. You can reach them at

Erik Graham 12:46:10 pm

I am also concerned about privacy issues now. Can this Camilla Sxxxx see into our account?
Ok, thanks Agent. Have a great weekend coming up.

Agent 12:47:52 pm

Let me give you a link that’ll help you see all of your members… one sec
Here you go! Hopefully this helps, if you see her name I suggest blocking/deleting her.

Duration: 26m 38s
Chat started on:

After that I sent in a ticket on Feb 1st:

Category Billing & Admin
Subject Premium trial ending. What premium trial?
Description Hi, there is large mixup with our account. This morning I received emails stating that our Premium trial was ending and then one, sorry to see you go. Huh? Never asked for a Premium trial. We have been paid members for 2 years. (see attached invoice). I went to our billing section and it states that: Your Premium trial will end on Mar 3, 2019. Want to stay on Premium? Contact your billing owner at Camilla Sxxxxxx
Who is that? No one that I know in my division. I know that others in Pxxxx are using Asana, but we purposely paid extra to have our Asana separate from them. No contact at all. So somehow another Pxxxxxx division has been put into ours? Fix it. No way can anyone, other than my team can see our projects. And get this Camilla Sxxxxx off my account, please.

Any questions, please email me back.

Erik Graham

I received a reply on Feb 4th:


FEB 04, 2019 | 08:55AM PST

Hi Erik,

Thanks for writing in! Agent here from the Support Team, I am more than happy to help you with this.

I first want to apologize for the confusion on this. I can see that you use to be on a subscription plan for your “Hxxxxxx” Team.

It appears that this subscription was canceled and refunded back on the 1st of February when an entire Organization trial for “pxxxxxx” started and then was set to cancel at time of renewal which is March 3rd.

The billing owner for this new subscription plan is “Camiliia Sxxxxxx”.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

PS: Please feel free to rate my support using the feedback area below this helps track our metrics and ensures that we continue provide good support for our customers

OK so I fired back on Feb 4th:

FEB 04, 2019 | 12:05PM PST

Hi Agent,

We did not authorize this. As I stated before, we are a small division in Pxxxxx and want our own setup. We paid for it, and we still do not see any re-imbursement on our credit card.

Agent, do you realize how large Pxxxxx is? It is the xxxxxx, xxxxxxx. We have over 60,000 employees

Just because our email happens to have xxxxxx, does not mean that we want to play in the same sandbox as all the other xxxxxx employees.

How do we get our own private Asana as we have had before?


Erik Graham

At this point I looked up Camilla Sxxxxx in our directory and had a great conversation with her. Nice woman. So I emailed Agent again with more information:


FEB 04, 2019 | 12:58PM PST

Hi Agent,

Further to this support string, I emailed Camilla Sxxxxx and found out this from her about her Asana trial:

No. It’s just for me personally and the person assisting me and I’ve abandoned it now. I tried it for a minute or two. It’s droolable but too large for my needs currently.

I’ve moved to the free Trello version. Works well.

How did you find Asana? Was it everything you wished for or …?


Camilla Sxxxxxx

So, here is the thing, you guys at Asana really messed up this time. Camillia is just a single employee that was trying it out, just like I was two years ago and decided to get the subscription which we have been really happy with. Now, I am not so happy.

Replace our subscription to what it was. Create a process improvement project your yourselves to research who and how large a company is before cutting off existing paying members from the same company or organization.


Erik Graham

No response back from Agent that day.

The next morning, Feb 5th, I get an email from another Asana employee, Agent, Asana Customer Success Manager.

Hi Erik,

I saw your team’s recent downgrade from the premium version of Asana and wanted to reach out.

We’re sorry to see your team leave, but we’re always looking for honest feedback to help us improve our platform and product roadmap. Would you be willing to fill out this brief [survey]

If you feel like you’ve received this email in error, please disregard or let me know if you’d like to discuss further.



Asana Customer Success Manager

Wow, really?!! This is getting comical.

I looked at the various text sizes and fonts in this email and new that was just an auto spam sorry to see you go email. So of course I replied Feb 5th:

Hi Agent,

I am glad you emailed. I have been waiting for a response to my two emails that I sent yesterday morning to Asana support.

Have you seen those yet?

Best Regards,


She got right back to me to her credit:

Hi Erik,

I hope you’re well today.

I’ve spoken to our User Services team and they should be getting back to you shortly.

I hope this helps and all the best,


Now Agent responded later on Feb 5th:


FEB 05, 2019 | 09:30AM PST

Hi Erik,

Thank you for writing back in on this matter.

I first want to apologize for all of this inconvenience and confusion.

This does appear to be a bug with the upgrading process as the system should stop any user that is not the billing owner to upgrade the space.

I have gone ahead and escalated this information to have this reviewed and your accounts switched back.

To confirm would you like to finish the Organizations trial then switch back to the Team Plan or what are the next steps that you prefer for your subscription plan.

Looking forward to your reply!

PS: Please feel free to rate my support using the feedback area below this helps track our metrics and ensures that we continue provide good support for our customers

Are you happy with the support received from your customer representative today? Please let us know by selecting one of the options below.

And my response back to Agent:

FEB 05, 2019 | 09:41AM PST

Hi Agent,

I just want it back to what it was. This whole Organization trial is nonsense. As I stated before, our organization would not be under Premium anyway. We would be under Enterprise as we have 60,000 employees.

I never asked for a trial, we paid for a subscription back in November for our own team of 15.

So do whatever you have to get us back to what we had, please.


Erik Graham

On Feb 6th, Agent joined the fun….


FEB 06, 2019 | 07:17AM PST

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your response. Agent here, a colleague of Agent from the Asana Support Team.

I would like to inform you that our team is having this reviewed to have your account switched back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, as you mentioned that you want your Asana separate from them, you could hide your Team and nobody (out of your Team) will see or have access to your projects:

If I can be of any further assistance in the meantime, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

Have a nice day Erik!

Kind regards,


Today is Feb 12th, our account is still the same with Camillia Sxxxxx as the billing holder. We did get our refund of our subscription, even though we were happy to be paying members.

So I sent this last email at noon on Feb 12th:

Hi Agent and Agent,

It has been six days since your email and our account is still set to expire on March 3rd.

What is the hold up to get our account back to what it was? Do I need to escalate this?


Erik Graham

No reply as of end of day Feb 12th.

And now you have the sordid tale of a happy paying customer banished to a trial he never wanted. His faith in the Asana kingdom tarnished forever even if they do reinstate my lands (oops sorry account) to what it was.

I hope this gets some attention from Asana management. You seriously need some process improvement in dealing with your clients.

Oh, can I please get our account back to what it was?

The end.

Erik Graham


Hey @Erik_Graham, Edda here from Asana’s User Operations Team.

Our intention is to provide a great experience for every customer, and in this case, we didn’t reach that goal. We hear you, and we want to make it right. I personally am really sorry to hear that you have had such a negative experience with us, and I would like to apologize for that.

I would love to help you resolve this issue. The best way to do this quickly is to respond to your existing email, and mention your past case ID (if any) as well as the URL to this Forum thread in your email. In the subject line please mention my name (Edda).

While we encourage all customers to share their experiences and feelings on the Community Forum, for privacy reasons we can’t resolve your issue here.

Again, I am very sorry for this situation Erik, let’s work on resolving this together.


Thank you Edda. Someone from Escalation Team has emailed me.



Just a quick note to close this forum string, the Lead of the Escalation Team, contacted myself with a call and all is resolved. Thank you Asana for restoring my faith in your software.

The end.


Edda, please contact me regarding trying to upgrade ourselves. I have emailed Erwan with no response.

Thank you,


Hi @Erik_Graham,

I’ve liaised with Erwan, and can confirm he’ll be in touch first thing Monday morning!

Let us know if there is anything else we can help with via the Forum!