Custom View ordered by Projects: Odd Sorting


Hey Asana,

We recently started organizing all our customers project into a “Customer Success” Team. On a weekly basis, we want to review all the tasks to make sure we aren’t missing anything.

I’ve created a Report that selects all the tasks and sort them by projects. It works well. Except that the order of projects is confusing.

It’s ordering project by descending “Project Title” (Z before A) and ignoring numbers (we have the deal size in the project title).

Project are named like this “$4990 - Customer Name”. Therefore we have: “$2599 - Zcustomer” before “$8900 - Acustomer” which seems quite unconventional.

I’ve also tried doing “4990$ - Customer Name” in case the dollar sign was an issue but it didn’t change anything

How are projects ordered? How can we order project by the amount?



Hey Asana,

This really looks like a bug. Maybe you could give us an answer or a way we could achieve having a complete view of all our projects?


The number order ended up working without the dollar sign. So it’s possible to order numbers like this (ascending):

15$ - Project A
25$ - Project B

However, we really would like to have it descending (25 before 15).