Custom templates


I want to be able to create a template (including sub-tasks) and apply it to a task within the same project, or a different project for that matter. Its time consuming, when working on a project, to have to create the same sub-tasks for each task individually, especially since most of my projects will contain the same sub-tasks for every task. Hive has this feature and its very convenient. Its particularly useful when creating tasks for HR (new employees, etc.). I should be able to choose a template from within a task, giving me the option to select a particular set of sub-tasks. I have not show this service to my superiors but will consider it if a template feature is applied.


Did you try to create a model project you copy when needed?


I’d go with @Bastien_Siebman on this one. You can’t currently set up a task template, but you can easily copy a task, including subtasks, multiple times within the same project.

Or, in the HR example, you could just create a whole project template. We have an induction template that we use for new starters. It’s spit into sections – Team Overview, Systems and Software, Policies and Procedures, etc – and we have custom fields for room and Time. Various team members can assign themselves one of the induction meetings, set up and a calendar invitation and put in the room and time next to their task. The project itself is a template, so all of the tasks and subtasks remain the same each time.

Hope that convinces you to give Asana a try!