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I need a custom template that doesn’t change once I complete a task. I mark the task on the template completed to get it out of my to do list and then it removes it all together from the template when I go to use it for a new project.

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I think I can help you. When you create a template it’s actually a project that you have designated a template. Once you make the project a template you won’t use the template to track your work, instead you will start a project and select the template to use when you create it. Make sure that you designate the project that you want as a template. You should see the black pill at the top (see below). Then you can select that template from your templates when you create a new project.


The trick is to make sure you have a good naming system to identify which of your projects are templates and which are your working projects. We use a color and naming convention to make sure those that are templates aren’t used for tracking current projects. We make all templates the color orange, begin with 3 carats and have template in the name as well. You only go in an edit the templates when you want to change or modify the template itself.

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Thanks. Is there a way to hide the action items from the template?

Your welcome, James. I’m not sure I completely understand what you mean by hiding action items from the template. If I’m understanding correctly, there is no way to hide individual tasks within the templates. Although, you technically could mark them complete and they won’t be visible any longer. I believe you would need to make a copy of the project (and include completed tasks for the copy) rather than use the template to make sure that all the tasks would transfer over. I’m not positive on that though. You could run a test and see if the completed projects came through the template.


I think what James is describing is the issue where you want to assign tasks to specific users in the template, because those users will always be performing those tasks in the projects derived from that template; but by doing so, the task from the template shows up in the user’s My Tasks list which is not appropriate.

James, there is not a great solution for that. Asana’s recommended approach is to drag those tasks into the bottom “Later” section of your My Tasks view, then collapse that section so you don’t see those tasks. Not a great solution IMO but it does work.

I happen to have a solution for it in my Flowsana integration for a particular use case where you want your templates to have dynamic durations instead of calendar dates, but that’s not an overall solution for all cases.

Also, if you want to vote for a change to Asana where tasks in templates would not appear in My Tasks lists, you can vote for that here.


While not an ideal situation if the problem is templates showing up in My Tasks, you could consider using an intermediary Tag as the Assignee until the template is used. You then Click on a Tag and do a multi-select task and put the Assignee in that corresponds with the Tag. You may also find my new utility tool Sendana Tools-Sendana Add- A Novel Way to Add and/or Transfer Projects and Tasks In Mass - #10 by James_Carl may have some applicability to some of your template work.