Custom Templates - Can you Edit a Custom Template?


So excited to see Custom Templates is now available for my organization. I have read through the documentation but don’t see any info on how or if you can edit a custom template once it is created. Is anyone using this feature yet and if so have you been able to edit your custom templates?

Thanks all and Asana on!


Do you mean templates you create, like the beta phase where we can save projects as templates?

You update them, as far as I’m aware, by changing the original project that is saved as a template and it’ll automatically update the template.

It won’t of course update the ones that have already been created by the template, but for future projects using it it will.


Is there a beta version of Custom Templates where you can save your own templates?


How can I get access to the new custom templates beta for my organization?



I’m excited to see all the enthusiasm around this!

@StephanieC regarding your original question, @Caisha is spot on :smile:

Regarding access, we’re in a closed beta now for testing, but we hope to launch this feature soon to all customers. @Alexis will keep everyone updated on future launches around this. Stay tuned!