Custom Report Help



Hi there,
I recently upgraded to Premium and have a question about creating custom reports. I am using Asana for recruitment/tracking candidates through our hiring process. The way that I have things set up now is each “project” is whatever position I am recruiting for (ex: C# Engineer) and the tasks within that project are the candidates. I have created columns on my board to move them through the hiring process. I am wanting to pull reports based on “source” and “hiring stage”. I have created custom fields for both of these items, however cannot figure out how to create an actual report using the data. All I can seem to create is an overview of the project itself. What I need are reports using the data of the tasks within the project(s). Does anyone have feedback on this and/or for the recruiters/HR staff out there, have you found a better way to organize your data in Asana? Thanks!!


Are you using Add Filter > Custom Field in your Custom Search?