Custom Filter Cannot Be Removed

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
In our In-Market Action Logs project, someone selected a custom filter (Group = Digital) and every time I open this project, it automatically defaults to this filter even after I remove it.

Steps to reproduce:
Open the In-Market Actions Log project - Default filter is Group = Digital
Remove the filter or select a different filter
Refresh the page - filter returns to Group = Digital

Browser version:

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You need to click the three dots menu > Save layout as default, to save any layout, well, as default :slight_smile:
Removing a custom field from a project keeps it “for a while” on tasks, just in case you made a mistake I think, so what you are describing is probably not a bug + you did not know I believe about the save layout feature.

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Ah… got it. Not necessarily that intuitive from a design perspective but, yes, that did it. Thanks!

Each project has a preferred layout, which is the best one for this project, so wanting to always come back to it can make sense from a design perspective.

Thanks. I get that and really appreciate your help. I’m just commenting on the fact the the … with a single option for saving the default template is not very intuitive from a UI design perspective. Clicking these words did not do anything (i.e., no colour changes, no ‘SAVE’ notification, etc.). I should have been able to easily see that a template had been saved. Nothing indicates that in the UI and I was unable to find documentation anywhere to explain this feature when I searched for ‘filter’ in the forums.

I totally agree!