Custom fields with subfields (specific use case is for Platform)


Adding custom fields to my project is awesome, but when adding the Web platform there are some limitations. We have 3 breakpoints of web (small, medium, large) and then a more general Web platform. It would be nice for these custom fields to be nested so we can sort by just small breakpoint, or we can sort by all of web.

In my ideal case, only the bottom level fields would be visible in the columns, but this higher level would be useful for sorting and filtering.


Hi @Dylan3 and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

I’m not sure to understand what you’re looking for there. Could you elaborate on what you mean, or maybe provide example/screenshot to illustrate the issue?

Looking forward to your reply!


Here is a screenshot of what the custom fields for Platform looks like when I add it. It looks great and has all the platforms, but some of the platforms could be nested.

For example Mobile includes both iOS & Android. Web includes all the Sm, Md, Lg breakpoints. Those are the only examples here, but you get the idea.

If these fields could be nested, we could more easily sort by “mobile” even if we just use “iOS” for the platform. Now, if we want to see all mobile, we have to look at Mobile, iOS, & Android to make sure we’ve covered all the tasks.

Does this make sense?



Got it @Dylan3! Thanks for providing me with this additional information, I can see how useful it would be for your and your team to have a second layer of custom fields. I don’t believe this is planned for the near future, but this is definitely something we’ll look into when we decide to revamp custoim fields. In the meantime would you consider using tags to filter out iOS and Android?