Custom fields.. where?


Hello! I am currently in Premium trial and wanting to utilise the Custom Field feature against my Projects. However I cannot find this option. The help guides seem to be in what seems like an older version of Asana and references “Project Actions” in a dropdown next to the project name. If I select what now seems to be the “Project Actions” (the 3 dots), there is no “Manage Custom Fields” option.

I assume maybe the Premium trial doesnt allow for this feature to be used and that is why I cannot see it? (Even though it states here “Custom Fields” should be available -

Any help would be great!



You’re correct about the older version in the Guide. Custom Fields are now found in the Change View menu here:

And the feature is available in your Premium trial (but not for Guests, just Members; Guests can only value Custom Fields, not create/edit/delete them).

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software


Hi Larry,

Thanks for the response! As that change view option is only available in a Project as “List” layout, does that mean custom fields cannot be added for Projects as “Board” layout?



Hi @JamieZ! Apologies for the trouble here; you’re right, we have recently made some layout changes, and our Guide articles haven’t yet been all updated. You should now find the “Manage Custom Fields” option in the 3 dots menu next to your project title:

If you can’t see this option, it’s most likely because you’re a Guest of the Org/WS this project is located in; only full members have access to the “Manage Custom Fields” option.

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions! :slight_smile:


Ah great thank you. Must be down to my permissions. Do I need to be an Admin of the team the project is in to be able to manage custom fields?



No @JamieZ, you just need to be a full member of the Org (= not a Guest :slight_smile:


Ah thanks for clarification Marie.


Hi There - I am having the exact same problem as Jamie mentioned, however I am not a guest, I am a full member of organization. Can you help?


Hi @Emily_Carlyle! Can you confirm this is happening in a Premium Organization? If you only have a Premium Team with the rest of the Organization operating on the free version of Asana, you will only have access to custom fields in your Premium Team.

Hope this helps, keep us posted!