Custom Fields OR LOGIC in Advanced Search

We still need a way of adding custom fields to advanced searches as “or” arguments rather than “and” arguments. To that end, we need way better abilities here, as there are times when I need to search for 2 or 3 parameters in a custom field that may have 10 parameters. One way to accomplish this would be to allow instances of custom fields. Mean if I have Custom Field-A and it has 10 parameters in it, but I only want to search for 3 items from it. I could load custom field-A 3 times, and set each one to the parameter I’m looking for… again, this only works if the logic is set to “OR.”

I used to use Tags to indicate the academic subject related to a task (e.g., MATH, SCI, ELA). I had about 15 subjects. I had a saved search to return all tasks that had a tag for ELA, (or) MATH, (or) SCI, (or) SOC.

When custom fields came out, I was sooooo happy. I added a “Subject” field to my project, assigned a Subject to the tasks, and deleted all the tags from the tasks.

Woe is me. In Advanced Search, I cannot pull only those tasks with ELA, (or) MATH, (or) SCI, (or) SOC.

I’m stuck exporting all subjects and using EXCEL to filter out what I don’t need.