Custom Fields issues: Across the organization + import new tasks

Hi everybody.
I have some questions about custom fields.

  1. Is it possible to change a field type. We had a CF set to drop down menu but finally is not needed. It could be text.
  2. Is there a CF editor for the whole organization? We have several CF across the organization that instead of using the CF library - CREATIVITY has taken over ,so for the same CF we have different spellings … so I am trying to clean all this. So ideally I need an editor that allow me to modified across multiple projects and set all of them to the CF in the library. Also to bulk add variables. (more in 3)…
  3. When I import in bulk several new tasks using the csv i have some issues. a) If the CF has a new variable then the CF is not recognized and makes a new CF . Since the org is adding variables this is an issue.
    Thanks in advance. Cheers GA


  1. I don’t think so.
  2. No, but I made that could help visualize all of them.
  3. Sorry I don’t know the CSV importer well enough. @Marie help please!
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Congrats on your site

I already being there. I thought you had created the CF editor … however I like very much the

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