Custom fields in view-only mode

In the view only mode, there is only assignee and expiration date columns shown in this view. It would be better to choose which columns you want to show on the view only mode of a specific project. Columns like ‘status’ or other custom columns are important for us to show this.

Hey @LeetjevW thanks for submitting this feedback.
Can you elaborate more on the view only mode you are talking about? In Asana, you can choose which custom fields are visible within the project board and which are hidden and only accessible when you open the task.

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Hi @Rashad_Issa, thank you for your comment on my topic. I was having contact with an Asana support assistant by e-mail. The view-only mode only exists out of two colums (assignee & expiration date). She told me that the ability to choose which (custom) columns you would like to show in the view-only mode should be a great feature. In that way non-Asana members should be able to see more information (i.e. Status, Type & Priority) about tasks in a project.

Does this information helps you?


Yes, it does indeed. Thanks!

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