Custom fields in project sections


Hello Asana team. I hope this is the right place to post this.
It will be nice to get a feature where custom fields can be defined for the dirrent sections of a project.
We use Asana (as most people do) for much more than a task manager.
For example we keep track of our vendors and each vendor has a project.
In this project we have sections like:

Vendor data:
Vendor Rating:
Vendor Projects:

So for example in Rating I have tasks like to have custom fields which are based only on this section, like 1-5, Poor - Good.
In the next section where I keep track of the projects I would like to have custom fields like priority, status, etc.

The whole idea of sections is to keep different information in the same project, this is why you need to divide it.
It will be useful to be able to customize the rest of the project accordingly - like add a custom field to a project and you can choose - available for the whole project (all tasks), available only for the following sections (list of sections)