Custom Fields in My Tasks

How can it not be possible to filter “My Tasks” by Priority? I’ve started using Asana and I’m really shocked that this is not possible. It’s a deal breaker for me.

I don’t think it was the right call to merge this request into this larger “Custom Fields in My Tasks”, as the Priority field is not a custom field - it’s a standard Asana field. Should be really quite simple to implement, no?

P.S. The majority of fast-paced organizations don’t use “due dates”. Things move way too quickly for that. Priority field is where it’s at.

Hi @Justine_Gauthier and welcome to the forum!

Priority is actually a custom field (you can see it in your organizational Custom Field Library); there is a small set of custom fields that Asana creates by default in a workspace - Priority is one of those.

Asana just made a major transformation to the My Tasks view which allows them additional flexibility to do things that they couldn’t do previously; so while custom fields aren’t supported there yet, you can be sure that Asana knows its a hotly-requested feature!

Thank you for the welcome Phil and for the explanation on the custom fields.

As for the Priority field, Asana knows it’s a hotly-requested feature (since 5 years as I see in this forum…), yet did not include it in its “major transformation”? :woman_facepalming:

Was really excited to use this product :slightly_frowning_face:


I agree with you and sympathize that this feature is not here yet, but as mentioned, now that My Tasks has been updated it will be possible for Asana to finally deliver this and I think it will come.

In the meantime, had you considered using Tags? Turn on Tags in My Tasks Customize menu so they’re visible in My Tasks list view. Then anywhere you’re looking at the task you can Tab+T to add a priority tag (say P1, P2, or P3). I’m afraid you can’t filter on tags in My Tasks, but you can easily see them and create sections P1, P2, and P3 and move tasks manually. You could also have search reports favorited that are just a click away, or always open in a tab and automatically refresh. (Advanced Search reports requires a paid plan.)

Hope that might help you consider sticking with Asana.


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Move them manually :woman_facepalming: :slightly_frowning_face: Ouch


Does this mean Asana made a major change to My Tasks that will allow for custom fields to be incorporated into the My Tasks view (once they work on that specific feature)? Or something else?

@lpb I appreciate your attempt to find a workaround but realistically, there’s no way I’m going to move things around manually. Nor do I see myself creating tabs to replicate the ‘Panic Level’ field* used throughout projects.
*Panic Level is a more useful (to me) version of the Priority field because only using High/Medium/Low to designate importance wasn’t nuanced enough to guide my triage decision-making.

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I’m somewhat constrained in what can I can share, but I think what you wrote is a pretty valid interpretation of my statement. :slight_smile:


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It’s been quite sometime since this topic. And I am also looking for the same feature. However, it looks like Asana has not made any feature regarding this despite many votes from users. How’s Asana working on this? (are they even lifting their fingers?)

@Jan_Go, Did you see the updates posted in this thread by me and @Phil_Seeman nine days ago? That’s the latest information regarding this.


Yup. I am using tags since the custom field is not yet available.