Custom Fields in My Tasks

The ability to add custom fields to My Tasks would make a HUGE difference to our team!!!

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Adding a vote for this feature as well, for this exact reason. When planning my day and adding tasks to my “Today” list, I want to know how long each task might take so that it’s easier to understand when I’ve overloaded myself.

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Another +100 for showing Custom Fields in My Tasks. I’m trying to get teammates to adopt Asana but this is the one thing that’s holding some of them back.

It doesn’t work to have to use both Custom Fields and duplicate Tags to achieve the kind of visibility we need (without having to click into a project each time).

It’s been such a painful omission for so long, can you provide the UX logic behind not providing this ability? Or is it a schema issue that’s particularly difficult to solve for? Or are those of us who want this not using the tool as intended?


Another + 1.
This thread has been active for almost 3 years. How has this feature not been added yet.
Asana, are you there?


@Natalia @Marie It seems people would really like a response on this.

HI @Stephanie_Oberg, and thanks for bringing this up to my attention again. I don’t have an update on this right now, but we’re planning some updates for My Tasks later this year, so I should have more updates by then!

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OK, thanks, I will try to be patient.