Custom Fields - global to the Organization


Custom Fields - long awaited, excellently designed - I love it!

However, we are quite a big organization with several departments, and this part is making me a bit hesitant:

“Since custom fields are global to your Organization, edits made to them will apply globally to all the projects you use the field with.”

If I create a set of fantastic Custom fields that suit my project perfectly, I am pretty sure that an equally creative colleague of mine will pick one of them up in his or her project and see a reason to edit it - and at least, it will be confusing, but perhaps also endangering my own project’s efficiency. And whom should I contact since I don’t know who edited “my” Custom field?

I know a warning pops up - but still - wouldn’t it be more useful to limit editing of Custom Fields to the person who created them, or at least to the team or project members?

Whole-organization custom fields are hard to manage

If your fields are not intended to be used globally, would it be possible to use some indicators in the field names?

Something like Clients-APAC, Clients-NA, Clients-Sofia, or something along those lines, could at the very least prevent some careless edits while Asana continues to improve the feature.