Custom fields for members from other "Free" teams



Hi everyone,

My team is considering Premium but would like to have this feature clarified, so any help from the community is appreciated.

Say I create a project under my Premium team with some custom fields. If I invited members who belong to other Free teams within the same organization to this project or assigned tasks to them, would they be able to see and fill out the custom fields?

Also, would they be able to perform advanced search on the tasks of this project based on custom field values?



I think they won’t see the fields and won’t be able to use Advanced Search, @Marie can you confirm?


From my recent experience, they will be able to use custom fields (not sure about advanced search) within that project, but they’ll count as limited access users on your Premium subscription. We pay for 60 seats and only have 53 team members. However, we had invited about 20 guests from other free teams to some of our projects, and that put us over our limit. Just something to be aware of.


Hi @DanielC, apologies for the late reply (Thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman). Yes, I can confirm that your Team Guest will see customs fields and will be able to fill them up; however they won’t be able to add new custom fields or manage them ( Adding members of your free Organization to your Premium Team will also give them access to the Advanced Search. Hope this helps Daniel, let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


Follow-up question: we are talking about Premium seats (a user with a Premium seats has access to Premium feature). But then what is a Premium Team?


Hi @Bastien_Siebman, my reply is valid for Premium Teams! :slight_smile:


My question is: what is a Premium team? If I understood you pay for seats (=people) not for a Team, isn’t it?


Hi @Bastien_Siebman
When you are in a Premium Team, you have the Premium features but only on this team, I mean for the projects which belong to that team.
If you are also member of a project in another “Non premium” team, then you don’t have the Premium features in that project.

And yes you pay for seats (not people), then if someone quit the team he loses the features, and if someone is added he gets the geatures, but again only for the projects among the premium team.


@Bastien_Siebman I don’t know why I received your message I copied below by mail while I can’t see it here in the community…
“I still don’t get it :sweat_smile: Let’s say I buy 5 premium seats. Do I choose who gets them? Are they seats inside a Team without being able to change?”

=> Ok then I’ll try to be clearer :wink:

In an organization, you can make Premium all the organization (= all the teams), but you can also make Premium only one Team and let the other teams use the free version.
In a Premium Team, you don’t choose who get the seats. All the team members of this team will be premium. If one quit (he loses premium features), and a new person join the team, then this new person becomes Premium inside the team.

Therefore, for instance, if you buy 5 Premium seats for a Team:

  • 5 collaborators can be team members, and thus they have Premium features, but only inside this Premium Team
  • if you belong to the Premium Team, you’ll have Premium features for the projects which belong to this team: you’ll see custom fields, …
  • if you are a member of one Premium Team (named for example “A”), and in the same time you also are the member of a free team (named for example “B”), then you’ll be able to see and use Premium features only inside the project owned by the Premium Team “A”. In the second team you belong to, the “B”, you won’t be able to use custom fields (even if you can in the premium team “A”).

I hope this is clearer, and @Marie, could you confirm ?


Hi @Julien_RENAUD. Yes, that’s all correct! :clap: One little thing I’d like to add: if you’re a member of a Premium Team, you will have access to the Advanced Search and unlike the rest of the Premium option, you will be able to use the Advanced Search across the entire Organization, not just within your Premium team. Hope this helps! As always, if you have any follow up questions, let me know! :slight_smile:


Hi @Marie,
I saw this page about Limited Access Members and would like to confirm my understanding. Members of other free teams that I add to a project under my Premium team are actually counted towards my team’s Premium seats. This means I need to pay for their Premium memberships even if I only need them to fill out existing custom fields. Am I correct? Thanks.


@Marie do you think you can create a post in the community to summarize everything about paid seats, premium, limted etc? The questions keep coming up and I still don’t get it myself :sweat_smile: Or maybe the Guide is clear enough?


Yes I’ll work on this asap @Bastien_Siebman :slight_smile:


Hi @DanielC! No problem, I’m happy to clarify this point for you! Could you please confirm whether you’re in a Premium Workspace or a Premium Organization?


Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

Thanks for the suggestion! Time is of the essence, so rather than @Marie kindly providing a summary of our resources, I’ll simply provide a list of resources for you here. Let us know if you have follow up questions.


Sure thing @Alexis thanks


Hi @Marie , thanks for the response. My department is considering upgrading one core team to Premium while other support teams remain Free, so I’m guessing that’s neither Premium Workspace nor Premium Organization?


Hi @DanielC and thanks for your reply! Would you mind reaching out directly to our support team ( We will be able to take a look at your account and provide you with the right answer/solution for your Team! :slight_smile: