Custom Fields Column Headers- Which Ones Get Chosen


I love custom fields!
However, I’m trying to determine the criteria for which ones are chosen to display as columns in the list view when no sort is used, or when a custom field is used in sort. ? There doesn’t seem to be a setting to define this. And I always have the same custom fields as column headers.
Anyone have an idea of how to change this or why the list view displays this way?


Hi @Mark_Nattress! If you click the project header dropdown and select “Manage Custom Fields”, you’ll be able to change which custom fields show on your project and in which order. Simply hover over the custom field and click the 6 dots on the left and drag and drop to reorder a field. To have a field show or hide in the project, hover over the field and click the gear icon. Hope this helps!


Mark, as Kristen said you can do this via the manage custom fields modal. However, just to be clear, because I didn’t understand it myself at first, but “show/hide in project” is the preference that controls if the field shows up as a column. Personally I think this is mislabeled, it should be “show as column.” I assumed at first I wanted them all to be a part of the project. Also, once it’s part of the columns, you can use the sort items to change how your items are sorted. Hope that helps.


@Francesco_Alessi and @Kristen- Thank you both very much… Yes, I thought “Show/hide” in project would turn the custom field “off” in project tasks for that project, but that function is done by deleting the field entirely. Thanks for the clarification… I now can have my columns display and sort the way I want. Very much appreciated!