Custom fields are not displaying in Universal Reporting

I have seen this referred too many times in threads but no real answer before being closed out.

We are saving custom fields when being built out into the orgs library and still unable to use custom fields in reporting. Does anyone know what the issue is here?

Customers are expecting to be able to used this function and when we demo the product we need to show this working.

Any Help appreciated

Hi @Michael_Hayles, thanks for reaching out!

I suggest reaching out to our Support team with the details of the custom field so that they can look into this further for you as they have access to additional tools that we don’t have on the Community team.

You can contact them by following the steps here:

I hope this helps!

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What’s the type of the field? My guess is that it does not have a type allowed for the type of reporting you are building.


Thanks Bastian,

Under further investigation I have found that you can not report on custom text fields. Thanks for reaching out.

Well that is not entirely true, I am reporting on custom fields a lot, like displaying sum of a number field across tasks, pie chart based on dropdown… what report are you looking to build?

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Hi Bastien,

I’m building a custom field for a sales pipeline, so I wanted to report on lead date and won//closed date as a custom field and not a section.

The workaround I have at the moment is to build a single select custom field and use options as dates. Though I am using months rather than days as to not have to make too many options.

Do you see a better way of reporting on that?

We do exactly the same, but we are also using the fact that you can report on time periods such as task creation or completion.

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Thanks Bastien,

That is a great idea. We don’t usually mark complete, just move to a different section. Easier to use the options available than make new custom fields. Thanks again.

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