Custom Fields and Start Date Not Importing with CSV File to Existing Project

I am attempting to import a CSV file which is our template for new locations into a newly created project in Asana. When I import, it registers the Start Date as a Custom Field and for the other custom fields creates project only custom fields rather than apply the custom fields that are in our organization. From my reading, this shouldn’t be happening as I am an Asana Premium member.

Steps to reproduce: Upload a template with custom fields

Browser version: Google Chrome

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Hi @Patrick_Ball and thanks for reaching out!

Sounds like there might be an issue with how your CSV is set up!

Regarding your start date, can you confirm:

  1. that you’re using the correct format (month/day/year)
  2. you’ve created a specific category for start dates? (The name of your Section should be perfectly matching your field in Asana, otherwise, it will automatically generate a new field.

Regarding existing custom field: Does the project already exist in Asana? If so make sure your existing custom fields are already added to your Project and make sure that the field in your CSV matches them. You can learn more about how to set up your CSV file in this handy article:

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team with the info I listed below, so they can take a look into this specific case and advise you how to work it out!

  • The URL of your project in Asana
  • Screenshots of what you’re seeing when you try to import your CSV
  • Your CSV file (to help us reproduce the issue)

Hope this helps!

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You may have to manually map the field to your start date. If the start date is greyed out, it may be because there is a blank cell in the data, an instance where the start date is equal to or after the end date, or another field is already assigned as your start date.