Custom Field question


I don’t have Premium (yet), so I can’t see what options are available for custom fields. I’ve read the help section on the topic, but can someone confirm if it’s possible for the following:

I want to use ASANA like a project plan, and allocate multiple days to a task, which will then display the task across multiple days in the calendar. So I can show workload/duration/etc.

At the moment the only option I have is to give it a Due Date, which will show the task in the calendar for one day. Or I can create multiple tasks with subsequent Due Dates


Hi @Rupert_Bassadone. I don’t think custom fields would solve this problem for you. Custom fields are incredibly useful for tracking and reporting, but when it comes to managing duration and due dates, this was covered brilliantly by @Ulli in a different post:

I believe Instagantt is free for up to 3 projects. The repeat task function is free, and a stroke of genius.

Hope that helps.


That’s brilliant, Mark - thank you!


@Mark_Hudson is right, custom fields wouldn’t solve this issue.

I offer Asana consulting and can offer my clients a discount on Instagantt is interested. Let me know if you’d like to learn more :slight_smile:


Thanks, Paul. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve started using Instagantt and it’s exactly what I was looking for - utterly perfect!