Custom Field for Originator/Reporter

How can I create a custom field that will contain the name of the originator/reporter of the ticket?

@Terry_Fido does this have to be a Custom Field or are you able to perform an Advanced Search for tasks created by specific people? You could filter your search to a specific project as well.

If this is best represented by a Custom Field you would have to manually list the individuals by using a text or dropdown type. To expedite you might also do an Advanced Search and bulk edit the new custom fields.

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Hi @Terry_Fido, thanks for reaching out!

Adding to what @Jerod_Hillard mentioned, you can find more information and learn how to create advanced search reports in this article.

You can also find all details about how to create custom fields in this article.

I hope this helps!

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To be honest, I’m really surprised that Asana doesn’t have a ticket originator field. The overhead of maintaining the text/dropdown for a custom field as people join or leave the project is large. Why can’t it work like the assignee field?

Please note that I’m not particularly looking for reporting here - it’s just recording the name of the originator as part of the ticket details.

The main use case for this feature is that, if a developer has a question about the ticket, he/she doesn’t necessarily know who to ask. If the ticket identified who raised the issue, the developer can go straight to the correct person.

Given that the advanced search does include the option to search by creator, all I need is a way to expose that same information within the ticket.


Have you considered using a Form to capture the ticket initially? The form has a name field and an email field for the submitter, in addition to the others you specify. The values all go in the task’s Description as caption/value pairs. This might be a better way to resolve your quandary.