Custom field filter not available for Guest in the Advanced Search


filtering by custom fields is not available for guests. This is annoying because generally all guests who have been invited to our project have full access to every task. They can even add custom field values. But filtering by these values is not possible. Is there any plan to change this or add this feature in near future?


Hi @Uwe_Sunkel! You’re completely right, Guests cannot manage custom fields ( but they should definitely be able to sort a project by custom field (providing there are custom fields in the project in question).

Have you tried to sort your project by custom field from the view filtering option ( and then click on the custom field at the top of your project list to sort your tasks by custom field values?


Hi @Marie,

thanks for your reply. It’s not about sorting but about filtering.

One of our custom fields defines the name of the sub-project. Guest users cannot filter these sub-projects by using custom fields because the menu item “custom fields” does not show in the section “add filter”.

The filtering options look differently depending on the role of the user. While users from the organization can see the menu item for filtering by custom fields, all other (guest) users cannot even see this item. It is not about “managing” custom fields - guests don’t need to do this. But they cannot even filter by custom fields - and this is a missing feature from my perspective. We have custom fields configured for our project but they don’t show as a filtering option for guests.

Does it make any difference if the project is setup in board- or list-style?


Got it @Uwe_Sunkel! That’s definitely a fair point, thanks for reporting this issue! I really hope this is something we will introduce in a near future!

Ps: I’ve slightly modified your title to make it a little more specific, I hope that’s ok!


Sure - thanks a lot!