Custom field dropdown options that spawn text entry field(s)


My team and I would love to be able to have a custom field dropdown option akin to a typical Other… option that allows the user to enter additional values. Here are a couple use-case examples:

We field a large number of requests from a wide pool of people, some of whom submit requests frequently, and others not. As such, we have a list containing the most frequent requesters compiled into a custom field drop-down for easy selection. However, the list has a limit to the number of items in it, but there’s also the problem of infrequent requesters. We have an “Other…” option, but it doesn’t allow us to determine who submitted the request without digging further into it.

We have a specific set of service level agreements (SLAs) that specific steps and timeframe on a request. Most requests submitted to us fall within the standard agreements, but there are many that require custom evaluation. A drop-down listing all of our standard SLAs, with each spawning a text field to fill in the actual timeframe of the request, would allow us to simultaneously track the standard and request turn-around times on each of them.

We probably use Asana for more than what it’s meant to be used as, but the custom form fields have made it an all-around good tool for managing our requests. This addition would dramatically improve our workflows in at least two ways, but likely would help us in other unforeseen ways.