Custom field color coding in calendar to set this as the "default" color scheme?

I have about 15 projects I’m setting up that will be viewed by around 20 people in our company. We rely heavily upon color coding of the tasks as they show up in the project’s Calendar views.

We cannot use the “Asana Default” setting for this, because those colors are not germain to the project Calendar Views.

Thus I added a Custom Field to the library for color coding, and it’s simple to toggle it on, and things look great.


I cannot get that setting to STAY that way. The moment I navigate away from that project, and come back to it, the color scheme is reset back to “Asana Default”. That’s going to cause mistakes and confusion. People aren’t going to realize it’s changed the color scheme back and get confused.

How do I set these projects up so that the “default” color scheme is the Custom Field and NOT ‘asana default’?

EDIT: I see that this is somewhat addressed on the Asana tutorials, Asana calendar view options | Product guide • Asana

It says the following. How do I make this happen? How do I “save that view for everyone” as the last sentence claims?

“You can choose “Asana Default”, which pulls from other colors you have set in Asana, or you can set your color logic based on custom fields. Once you’ve chosen which custom field you’d like to use, you can save that view for everyone, so your entire team will see the same color logic when they view the project Calendar.

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Hello @Matt5

have a look here: New to Asana calendar: Color coding and in-line task creation

„To apply color to a project calendar for a custom field:

  1. Make sure you’re in the Calendar tab of your project.
  2. Click the filter icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select the custom field you want the color logic to follow.
  4. You can switch the color logic at any time to see tasks in different contexts.“

Set custom fields in Asana calendar

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Actually I found what I was missing.

All I needed to do on the Project was to toggle on the custom field color scheme I wanted (as you show) but then click the 3-Dots in the upper right corner to select “Save Layout As Default”.

When I do that, the correct custom field color scheme populates automatically when I open the project calendar. I don’t have to toggle it.

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Yes exactly :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble color coding my calendar according to a Custom Field. I don’t see the filter button as shown in the shared. I want programs to appear with the color that corresponds to the exhibit space in which they take place. Shouldn’t my Custom Field appear in this Color dropdown?

Oh, I think I figured this out: it needs to be a SINGLE SELECT field (not multi) in order to be a source for the color coding. Nerrrrrrrr. :expressionless:

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