Custom Field Auto Populate from Forms

Hi I am setting up a master project in asana where all incoming tasks will first be sent using the asana form. Once reviewed they are move under subject heading which are linked to their own projects.
I have it set where all the information we need to top-line see are set as custom fields.
But when Add to its specific project sheet the data does not transfer across.
What rules can I set to make these auto populate from the form information upon being added to the new project


Hi @Haylee_Mantell,

If I understand your description, you won’t need any rules.

It’s important to understand that there are two types of custom fields: organization-wide fields that live in your custom field library, and project-specific fields that only live in one project.

From your description, it sounds like you currently have those custom fields set as project-specific to the master project, and then probably have another set of project-specific fields of the same names in the target project. Delete the project-specific fields in the target project, then add the ones in the master project to your custom fields library, then go back to the target project and select to add them there from the library. Now you have the same fields in both projects and the values in those fields will show in both places.

For more on custom fields:


Thank you!
That has worked!

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