Custom date Field Rules

We are in the process of adding rule support for date, people, and multi-select custom fields! It’s our top development item.


I reckon a really useful rule would be ‘When date is approaching’, kind of like the rules for due date.

Currently I am using due date as more of a reminder for the task to show up into my world rather than a deadline. If I can create a custom date field called ‘Remind me’ and set the date of when I want to be reminded of the task, then the due date can actually function as what it is intended, which is a due date.

Hopefully we get rules for date to happen soon!


Great news! New to the forum - am I allowed to ask approximate ETA?


Hi Rebecca and welcome to the forum! First, to be clear, I’m referring to our Flowsana integration, not to Asana adding any particular feature. Second, in terms of Flowsana, I don’t have an ETA to share on this set of enhancements yet.

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Hi @Phil_Seeman thanks for your reply. It would be awesome if you could give an approximative date on when you would release this feature… cheers

Hi @Davy_Dadou,

I’m afraid I’m going to have to take the same approach as Asana; they don’t make public timeframes for upcoming features because they don’t want to make a public commitment to a new feature which for various reasons they can’t then keep. At Flowsana we are a very small team with A LOT on our plates, so we have to reprioritize at times. (Just keeping up with the increasingly fast pace of Asana API changes takes a lot of effort!)


Hey gang,

I’m trying to implement a date-filter system that’d show how many “touches” a sales rep does in a week to week timeline.

The easiest date to filter and report on is the “creation date” for touch 1, but I created custom “sections” in my tasks for “Touch 2 date” and so on. However, in my dashboard settings, I can’t select that custom field, and for “date” categories it’ll only give me completion, creation, and due date. Is it possible to add another date field that I can then manipulate?


I might be wrong but maybe the newly created custom field of type dates are not available yet in dashboard. Did you consider creating, through a rule, a completed subtask with a due date for each touchpoints? If subtasks are all multi-homed in the same project, it will make it easy to do dashboards…

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Also, it would be helpful to be able to modify the “Created On” date, or at least set it when importing from a CSV.

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Hey Bastien,

Thanks for the reply. You’re right in that I was informed by the Asana Support team that using these custom date fields is not currently accessible to be reported on in the dashboard.

You’re saying that instead of a date field, create sub-tasks as “touch fields” and then use those subtask completion dates as what I could filter instead?

Yes, you can create a subtask through a rule with today’s date, maybe that’s a good way…

It would be extremely useful to my organization to be able to write rules around custom date fields.

We often receive information about the expected due dates of a larger business goal via a custom date field in our form, and would like to be able to use that information to set the new task’s Due Date x number of business days or y number of weeks prior to that date. It would also be useful to be able to generate comments, move tasks between sections, or set status fields alerting people to risks associated with goal dates that are not far enough in the future.


The “update task” category in rule actions has very limited options.

What I would like to see is an action that allows updating a custom date field with the date at which the action is run.

It would also be great if this was more general, ie, being able to update any custom field, not only the current set of standard fields.

I hope (and believe) those are definitely coming. In your case we’ll need two things: ability to update other types + Custom Variables in Rules to be able to pick the rule run date.


@anon56345047 (and others here),

FYI we just added support for date custom fields in our Flowsana rules.

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+1 for this feature! Custom date Fields have existed for a while now, so it’s surprising that these are still not available when setting rules. Asana, please enable Custom date Field Rules!

It is indeed a late fast-follow we are expecting!

Do you know if Asana has created that trigger / action yet? Or if there’s a work around to make that happen?

Hi, I think this has been mentioned in a previous post from nearly a year ago, but it would be very helpful when creating custom rules if Custom Due dates were to be added. For instance, if there are three due dates attached to one task ( and the additional dates aren’t suitable to be listed as subtasks alone), it would be helpful for one of the three due dates (not the main due date) to act as a trigger for a rule. I hope this would be helpful to others as well! Thank you!

Like many others have mentioned here, it would be good to extend the Triggers in the Rules so that we can leverage the new custom date fields that are provided. At the minute we’re using Due Date as that’s the only date field that allows a trigger, which is causing a few issues on our end.