CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community

@Damon_Hemmerdinger my approach to this is that I have contact with the programmer and I developed it this far and gave it to the community. If somebody wants a different sort or fields I am happy to set them up with the programmer who is very economical. The whole reason I had it done was to show how powerful the CSV file can be if a few improvements were made. I think there is demand for hard copy reports.

Would love an intro to that person.

Looks like “Completed By” (person and the time and date) is not exported when I export to CSV. Is there a way to fix that?

That is an Asana question, there are a number of items that need to be added to the CSV file including

HI, does anyone know if this was ever made compatible for Mac?

cc @James_Carl

No, we were thinking about hosting it on a website but I think Bridge24 has moved ahead so far with their product that we probably will not. They truly have an excellent product that has superior reporting.

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Excellent work. Functions well for me. I hope that Asana will pay you for this — as you are addressing a major deficiency in their platform.


Doesn’t seem to word anymore ? When I drag and drop a csv file exported from asana in this tool, it bugs :

Erreur à la ligne 1 du traitement Code compilé dynamiquement.
Le membre ‘d0’ n’existe pas dans la classe ou la structure ‘STR_DATA_FILE’.

----- Informations techniques -----


Appel WL :
Traitement de ‘Code compilé dynamiquement’ (Code compilé dynamiquement), ligne 1, thread 0

Que s’est-il passé ?
Le membre ‘d0’ n’existe pas dans la classe ou la structure ‘STR_DATA_FILE’.

Code erreur : 2405
Niveau : erreur fatale

Dump de l’erreur du module ‘wd220vm.dll’ (
Identifiant des informations détaillées (.err) : 2405
Informations supplémentaires :
Code compilé dynamiquement (Code compilé dynamiquement), ligne 1
Procédure interne GET_INDICE_COLUMN (FEN_TOISIEME_VERSION_LIVRE.BTN_Import), ligne 186
Clic sur BTN_Import (FEN_TOISIEME_VERSION_LIVRE.BTN_Import), ligne 122
EIT_DATEHEURE : 18/06/2019 16:50:51


Intriguing thought! Exceptionally cool that you’ve been dealing with this, James! It seems like the worth you’re attempting to add is giving individuals a depiction of the undertakings they’re dealing with and key assignments in each venture. Is that right? What do you think this will add to what in particular progressed query items as of now give? I figure it will be useful for the Community to have a reasonable assertion of what this is, the means by which it contrasts from cutting edge search, and how you expect individuals will actually want to utilize it.

Concerning changing the CSV document… as you realize that is not something I can address explicitly. :honest: However, I have obviously made a note of this criticism and it’s useful that you’ve effectively given the additional setting to for what reason you’d like this update. Much appreciated!

This download is being fixed as another segment was added to the CSV Output document for Start Date. I’m pondering putting the Start Date in as a field and fixing that Due date currently has become one section over. Any notice of changes to the CSV record design by Asana would be abundantly valued.