CSV Task Importer: Custom Field Bugs

Recently I’ve been transferring information from a master Google Sheet for event planning into different Asana projects , and I’ve noticed two small “bugs” that seem to pop up. I thought it might be helpful to point them out as areas for potential fixing.

The first regards creating a “Cost” field in the Asana project. In the original Google Sheet, the cost values are preceded by a dollar sign. I think it would be an easy fix for the importer to be able to recognize that I will want to make a numeric field in Asana, so it should ignore the dollar sign so that the error sign doesn’t pop up like it does in this screenshot.

This problem isn’t too annoying for me to fix, but it’d be nice for Asana to introduce this change!

And the second is another error I get when I am trying to create a custom field (here I am choosing a drop-down) , and the column in the CSV field has no entries to draw from.

When I did ask the CSV to create my tasks with this drop-down, I receive this error message.

And then the importing window goes blank:

And then I just have to cancel the importing, reconfigure my settings for my custom fields:

if I choose not to include the “empty” drop down, then the importer works fine. So I’m guessing the issue occurs when I try to create a drop down field and Asana tries to look at my existing entries to configure this field, but produces an error if there are none.

Anyway, thank you for reading this. I hope someone finds this helpful!