CSV Import without Custom Fields appearing in all tasks?

We are working on an audit and one of the sections under that audit project is to disconnect 100 services that are no longer needed. We’ve given each disconnect its own task name with custom fields under them. And example:

Task: Disconnect 0001
Acct #:
Sub-Acct #:
Stop Billing Date:

But when I do a CSV import, the custom fields appear in all tasks, in all sections of the project. Am I doing something incorrectly during the import? Is there a way to have the custom fields appear in only the 100 tasks in one section?

@dtesterman, I think you’ll need to do something like this:

Import the 100 tasks into a project (say, “Disconnect”) with the custom fields defined.

Multi-home all those tasks into another project (say, “Main”). (Do that by selecting 50 in Disconnect; Add to Project Main; repeat for the next 50.)

The 100 tasks will have the custom fields, and the remainder of tasks in Main won’t. I think that’s what you were asking for, if I understood correctly.



Thank you!

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