CSV Import for Project Tasks

Hi @Jerod_Hillard, dependents, followers and the import completion message should now all be available!

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Thank you for the new import completion messaging and the ability to map followers.

I don’t remember quite what you said about mapping the tags field to the pre-existing one. Will that one be possible in the new import process? We use 2 tags across all projects for specific tasks. It was part of the import process to map them to the asana tab field. Now they are showing up as organizational fields – unfortunately that means, after the import, i need to manually add tags to those tasks and remove the auto-generated organizational fields for tags. This is because we have a body of projects already in Asana that have these tags on them and to move them all to an organizational field would be an effort and we would loose the asana functionality tied to the tags field (i.e. making the tag a favorite and being able to pull a cross-project list of all the tagged tasks)

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Hi @TonyC, just read through this whole thread and am unable to find a definitive answer to the question about importing tags. It doesn’t seem like it’s currently an option, unless I’m totally missing something somewhere here and while using the import function.

If it actually isn’t an option, are there plans to eventually bring this into play? (That is – mapping tags to the Asana tag fields as opposed to text in the description.) In my current situation, bulk importing tags would be one of the most time-saving uses of importing a CSV. Would love to know what the status is! Thanks.

Hi @Dana_Arends, unfortunately tags is not supported in the current version. Please vote and leave your feedback here CSV importer: import tags so we can consider this for future enhancements!

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