.CSV export possibilities

HI the community,
I would like to get as many votes as possible for this, as I would definitely need to have this implemented soon by Asana!

I would like to get the possibility of selecting the following options before starting the export in .csv

  1. Sub-task, or only parent tasks
  2. Completed task or incomplete task
  3. Specific fields only, including the possibility of not having the assignee and due date)
  4. Specific tag only
  5. Specific dates (start and end)

And definitely, have no limitation in terms of how many tasks are exported (current limit is set to 2000 tasks, which is quickly reached as we do have many tasks and sub-tasks for huge processes).

I do use daily the .csv export to generate spreadsheet to share with my external clients, where I don’t want them to see the subtask (used for internal matter) and no need of completed task. So, for now, I’ve created a Macro to remove all of the non requested features and re-order the columns in the extract, but with all of the changes in the .csv extract (latest due to section change) require many modification and is not suitable in the long term.
Thank you

All of the listed options are possible using an advanced search. So you can set up and save the search with your desired options and then export those results every day.

you are right @Brandon_Feister except that the order of tasks are not preserved and no sections are present. so formatting is not acceptable neither following the advanced search
thank you for the suggestion