Cross Project / Cross Organization Resource & Stakeholders list

Hello. New to the forum and trying to find my own way but still need guidance.
We have a variety of projects within many teams and under several portfolios etc…

To start, I am interested in learning the best way to create and manage a list of resources, and a list of stakeholders. These folks may be on both lists, and may also be shared across multiple projects and within more than one organization.

Please help me learn how to make this work in Asana. Thank you.

Hi @Lonnie_Wiessenberger

Welcome to the community…

You cant share Projects across Asana Organisation’s. So you will need to repeat whatever solution between organisations.

For the other part I have used successfully a Project which has a list of team members and key stakeholders and contacts. I then add them to the specific project that they are involved in.

In that As a Business plan you also have the workload option which I am not sure if that can help in this space


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