Cross Organization Shared Projects

We have been using Asana for several years now and one of the biggest areas of friction I have is having shared projects with our clients. They want to maintain control of the project in their Asana Organization and the same with us. Also, from a workflow (by workflow I don’t mean the feature but the concept) view this would management

Similar to the way Slack has Shared channels across two workspaces, I am curious if this is on the roadmap? It would be a huge unlock and make Asana even more enticing to larger companies.


Hi @Brandon_Lipman

Are you utilizing shareable links with your clients for this? It might be a matter of user permissions from either your side or their side in Asana.

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I agree and upvoted (you should upvote yourself too!), though there would be many considerations for Asana to address to support sharing among organizations (e. g., two org-wide custom libraries).

As Asana grows in usage, this becomes more of an issue, and I’ve faced it many times already.



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