Creating tasks by email assigning them to a user?



I know how to add a task by email to a project. I also know how to send a task into my own inbox. What I am missing is a way to send an email to a project AND assign it to a user.

Any way to do this?


Hi Pat,

Emailing tasks to Asana.

Additional address added in the To: field will be the Task Assignee

CCed email recipients Task followers
Email subject Task name
Email body Task description
Email attachments Task attachments

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: If you are using Gmail, we also have an add-on you can use to create task directly from your emails


Oh, I must have overlooked this.

But now it’s getting complicated: We want to use Asana in this use case for emails that would have normally be worked on in the email inbox of the user. Instead, they should be fed into asana, and the user gets the notification, that a new task is assigned to him.

now, if we send the email into asana and add the user as another to: field - the user gets the whole email in his email inbox as well and starts working on it in the email client - exactly what we want to avoid…


For Windows Outlook users I and my developer have developed that pretty much allows you to place tasks anywhere the person signed in has permission. New features coming regularly also.


sorry, mac users… but this gave me an idea, let me check out, maybe I can do something with zapier here…