Creating task in other user calendar

I use the ability to add tasks for other employees from their calendar in Asana.
In turn:

  1. searches for an employee in the search engine,
  2. I go to his task list,
  3. I select the ‘Calendar’ tab and on the right day I click on the free field and add the task.

The problem is that for some employees it is possible to do so and for others adding tasks is inactive. You cannot click on a day to add a task.
What it depends on? Are there any permissions for this?

Hi @Bartosz_Matyaszek welcome to the forum.
Number 2. ‘go to his task list’ do you mean you do an advanced search? or do you have access to their my tasks?

Sounds like you do an advanced search and view as a calendar? If so that probably isn’t the best way to do this. You can use the way you are that to look at any tasks that are visible to you then use the top left omni button to add a task and assign to that person rather than clicking on the calendar.

Depending on your tier i’d recommend using portfolio workload feature or universal workload if you are looking to schedule.