Creating Project Templates without Assigning them to a Team

Short version of my question: How do you create generic project templates without having them assigned to any teams? (They are templates and shouldn’t have to be assigned to a team).

Long version of my question: I create a Project with multiple sections and tasks within each section. The project name is “ACME Widget Development” and is assigned to team Alpha.
I decide this will be a useful project to use in the future and I want to use it to create a template.
From the project dropdown I select “Convert to Template”. This converts my current project “ACME Widget Development” into a template. It is still assigned to team Alpha.
The name “ACME Widget Development” is not a good name for a generic template since it references a specific Client, “ACME.” So from the project dropdown I select “Edit Project Details” and change the name of the template to just “Widget Development”. For some reason I have to assign this template to a team, even though I’d rather not (because it’s a template) so I just leave it assigned to team Alpha.

Now my template has an appropriately generic name and is available for other members in my company to use for future projects. Great!

However, under my Alpha Team I now have the generic project template listed and not the specific client project that I started out with. I don’t want to manage the “ACME Widget Development” project using the generic template, so I click the “Use template” button to create a specific project for the ACME client.

This opens the “Add project details” window which I fill out then click “Create Project.”
Now I have two projects listed under Team Alpha. I have the original project template that I created a few minutes ago and a newly created project specific to the ACME client based on that template.

I don’t need the project template displaying under Team Alpha—it’s just a template. So how do I get rid of it? Archiving it doesn’t seem appropriate as it’s still assigned to the team and could cause confusion. I just want it to go away. But I can’t delete it from Team Alpha because that actually deletes the template which I don’t want to do.

All this could be avoided if there was a way to create and manage templates independently of teams. Does that exist? Am I missing something obvious?

Hi @McBenney

Don’t believe there is any way to avoid assigning it to a specific Team.

One suggestion which I use and have seen others use. Is utilising a Team specifically for Project Templates. So all Templates that are generic or across organisation can be added to that team and controlled within that team.

Then only templates that are specific to a Team would remain in the Team…

Hope these suggestions help and welcome to the community…


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Same as Jason, I usually recommend creating a dedicated team for templates.


Thanks Jason and Bastien. We are trying to make the jump to Asana from another platform and some of the feature sets we’re accustomed to just don’t translate well. This makes for conceptual barriers to what probably seem like pretty simple problems. Appreciate the tip. We’ll try that and see how it works for us.

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No worries @McBenney happy to help.

The community is a good place to ask questions and get great answers from a range of people using Asana in all sorts of ways.


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