Creating Project Templates - Task Due Dates



Our team has been using Asana for a while now for current tasks, but we are starting to use it more in conjunction with our CRM to queue up new projects.

I have started creating a sample project folder that we can replicate, but was wondering if there was a way that I can set timed out due dates without using actual dates (instead of the defer to later date feature)?

So for example, each stage of our project typically takes a week to complete, so I want to set a due date for each to a new week, and when we start the actual project, those task due dates will fill as necessary in reference to the start date.

We have subtasks that we use as well, but it isn’t as necessary to have due dates for those, just the main tasks.

Hopefully this makes sense, and if anyone has done this before (or at least has a neat trick way of doing it), that would be a huge help.


Hi Chris,

I believe I understand your question. While we aren’t able to trigger “timed” due dates, you can adjust due dates easily by multi selecting. I suggest that you take the steps outlined in this thread :slight_smile: Let us know if you have additional questions.


This is possible using a 3rd-party tool called Zapier. So dates can be set “+7 days” from the reference date of today (or a date from elsewhere that we access with Zapier).

I help clients set up Zapier workflows with Asana, so if you’re interested I’d be happy to help.