Creating Personalized Project Template

Hi Guys,

I have a very specific set of action that need to be inputted after an event.

In quick detail, Event A occurs and it triggers 4 tasks for Teammate X, 3 tasks for Teammate Y and 3 tasks for Teammate Z. Once complete, that event is followed by Event B and its spread, then C and so on. Currently, I will be inputting these actions in on my own, and we have about 50-65 cases that move in this succession a month, its going to be a time suck.

Is there a way to create my own project template that I can just auto-add reactions to these events like the Asana Templates?

So you would like certain tasks to « appear » when one task is completed?

Maybe you can have all tasks ready in advance and into each task description you would have a pointer towards the next task?