Creating new audio files directly in Asana with iterative version creation

We are using Asana in our band to remotely create, iterate, and share new song ideas among musicians. When organizing creative ideas that have iterative versions, it would be a huge improvement for us to be able to open a task (new song) and add a new iterative idea directly from within Asana as an audio file.

Our use case example:
Our band has a new record setup as a new project. We have a workflow with sections that move a task (new song) through the writing, pre-production, recording, mixing, and mastering process to final release. If one member opens up the task “New Song” in the “Writing” Section and could click “create new file > Audio” and have Asana record content from their phone or laptop, automatically titling it “New Song V1”. Two days later, a new idea for the chorus of that song comes up in the head of the original writer, they open up the Asana app, find the task “New Song” and click “create new file >audio”. Asana records “New Song V2” and it is automatically added as an attachment. The bass player could then comment and say “I think this should be a faster tempo”, so original writer records a new version and it is automatically titled “New Song V3”. The whole band agrees this is a good foundation for the track and can move the idea into the next section where more complex multi-track recording becomes better suited and the current option to upload files is used.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and use case with us, @Greg_Kester! We don’t have plans to implement this feature in the near term but I’ll keep you posted if we have any news about this option or something similar! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Emily_Roman. Appreciate the response.

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