Creating Lists in iPhone App


When I use a web browser I can create a list-based project, create lists within that project, then create tasks within those lists. When using the iPhone App, however, I can only figure out how to create a project and then create the tasks. If the list already exists, I can drag tasks into that list, but I can’t seem to create it using the app. Can someone please help?


Can you provide a bit more detail as to what you mean when you refer to “lists”, i.e. when you say “create lists within that project” and “If the list already exists, I can drag tasks into that list”. Are you referring to sections? Asana doesn’t have a concept of lists within a project that can then hold tasks, but it does have sections that fit this description.

If that is what you’re referring to, then you can create a new section in a project in iOS by putting a colon ( : ) at the end of the task description when adding a new task.

(FYI this is likely going to change in the not-too-distant future as there are some internal changes occurring regarding sections, but for now, that’s how you can create a new section.)


Wow that was easy. Yes that’s what I meant - thanks!!!