Creating "Customer Request Type" In Jira cloud extension

The Creative team serves as an in-house design agency for our internal customers, which is our Marketing team. Most of our requests that require a creative component will also live on the website, which is owned by our Web team.

Creative team uses Asana and our Web team uses Jira. We use JIRA to connect completed creative tasks to JIRA for the web to publish assets to the website.

Issue: The way the JIRA extension is set up is it doesn’t pre-fill some of the necessary fields in order for the requestor to receive notifications once the asana ticket is created in JIRA.

Currently, it asks you what JIRA project to add the task in and what Type it is but it doesn’t ask Customer Request Type.

The customer request type is connected to our customer portal request form which is the old form. By adding customer request type, it will prevent me from going into each JIRA ticket, change the Customer Request Type everytime. It’ll create a seamless flow for me (as the project manager).

In addition, creating JIRA tickets in Asana makes me the Reporter when I want the Asana requestor to be the reporter.